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Waiheke Island, NZ

Our story

Alchemae Healing

Alchemae Healing is not only a pathway connecting individuals to the healing properties of plants and plant spirits but it’s also a place to connect to the ancient healing practices of Shamanism.

Our purpose is to support and build awareness of these powerful practices, tools and allies. To create a deeper connection between people and plants + people and spirit. In every step of our journey we seek to educate and support society’s growing consciousness of the need for a whole (physical, emotional and spiritual) approach to health.

We harness what nature provides for us by using the emotional and physical healing properties of plants to create our herbal remedies and creams. Each offering is created with the individual and the collective healing in mind, whether that comes from a personal consultation or a common ailment remedy.

The modern human approach to healing is to mask the problem but this is not how nature intended. We feel honoured to be part of a time where this is changing. Where the world is starting to embrace a more holistic approach. A time where more and more of us are realising the need to listen to our bodies and not over ride them or mask their messages.

This is a journey we are proud to be a part of, communing with spirit in a deep listening and using our passion for nature’s medicine to help support and heal the emotions creating dis-ease in our physical bodies.

We use the guidance of spirit and contemporary herbalism to heal - connecting your emotional ailments with your physical body so you can reach your most authentic, vibrant self.

This is where real healing happens.


Caroline Moore Alchemae Healing Founder

Our founders story

I have always felt the nourishing energy of plants. Even from a young age I could be found with my fingers in the earth and grew medicinal plants long before I knew how to use them.

Throughout my different life stages plants have always supported me. When I came to a crossroads - uncertain where to turn next and dissatisfied with the options in front of me - I found myself drawn to healing and plants… beginning with myself.

It was during a journey of internal growth, learning through soul-aligned courses and a Herbal Apprenticeship, that I began to create my own remedies. I found plants were my allies, giving me a spiritual outlet that reached far beyond myself. Friends and soon friends-of-friends were asking for herbal support and healing. The more open to this path I became, the more I found plants opening their potential to me.

As my journey deepened so did my connection to spirit.  Through the practice of deep listening and shamanic journeying I am able to tune into the support, guidance and healing that is readily available.  It brings me so much joy to share these practices with my clients. 

For the first time in my life I feel whole as a woman.  Less and less do I depend on the other for self fulfilment.  I give this credit to my connection with spirit.

My soul purpose is to support people in becoming their most vibrant, heart centred and authentic selves. I see this pathway through connection with spirit and nature.  This results in the healthiest being. I love nothing more than seeing my clients reach a more conscious emotional state, one that keeps them free from disease and more aware of how the emotional body effects the physical.

Through a practice of karakia and communicating intention to the plants before harvesting we create deeper communion. A true honouring of the plant and its offering.

I have immense gratitude to my spirit guides and the plant kingdom.

I also have immense gratitude to all my teachers I’ve worked with along the way.  In no particular order, Amy McComb, Chalice Malcolm, Leila Lees, Christine Spicer, Bruce Lyon, Rob McGowan, Donna Kerridge, ISTA Faculty.  It is with the deepest gratitude I say THANK YOU for all the wisdom, feedback, support and love you have shared with me.

With love and blessings,

Caroline Mae x