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Waiheke Island, NZ

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I've just spent a delicious few days in the Coromandel with my beloved.  He lives in the most wonderfully isolated spot on the waterfront surrounded by Pohutukawa, Kumarahou, Ti Kouka, Kauri and name a few.  It's a place I can be and slow down completely.  A place that, once there, oozes time and space for self.  A gentle out breath.

It’s relatively new for me, this relationship, having been on my own for the last two years it’s taking some time getting used to having someone else in my life again.  I’m relishing in the deepening of love and all that love brings.  Including watching my shit come to the surface, stuff I haven’t seen in many years, welcoming it, laughing at it (with love) and letting it go.  It’s been interesting watching myself play out old patterns, to a lesser degree, but still….

I feel incredibly lucky to have met a man that doesn’t react to me, a man that holds so much grace in his being, unknowingly holding space for me to move through so much.  Unknowingly allowing me to hold myself and not swooping in to try and save me.  One of the most unconsciously conscious men I have come across.

So much gratitude.

I’ve also been enjoying getting to know Kumarahou.  It lines his (what seems like never ending) driveway abundantly.  A plant I haven’t found growing on Waiheke….so naturally I’m curious….and Kumarhou, I can feel, is curious of me.  I love the meeting of something or someone new.  So much to learn from and share with each other.  A slow peeling back of layers as the connection deepens.

I immediately connected to her as another ally and felt a new ‘friend’.   She feels like a clearer of pathways creating an ease in breath, a protector of space, the opening for an invitation of something great to come through.

Physically Kumarahou has been used for many years to ease complaints with the throat and breath including asthma, lungs, sore throats, coughs, influenza and bronchitis.  It is also a blood cleanser, a laxative and a urinary tonic.  Kumarahou is well known as a skin healer and it’s been said will even heal skin cancer.  The flowers contain a lathering agent and have been historically used as a soap.

Spiritually Kumarahou supports us to create space for ourselves in our lives.  It speaks of giving and receiving and promotes a feeling of joy and abundance.