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Waiheke Island, NZ

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Attending the ECSTATIC MENOPAUSE retreat with Janine MaRee was the greatest gift I could have given myself.  It was such a deep privilege to take this journey whilst still in my early menopausal years and able to reframe the initiation as the powerful portal that it is.  It’s not the first time I’ve worked with Janine and it certainly won’t be the last.  It’s hard to explain the magnitude of what this woman holds and shares.  She is maiden, mother, crone, witch, shaman extraodinaire paving a new way, being the change in the world we so need. 

It was my first time doing a week long training online.  I have to admit I was slight dubious of the ability to go as deep as I desired when not in the physical but it exceeded all of my expectations.  It was different being online - but it certainly didn’t hinder the depth we were able to go to or the connections we were able to build.  Actually it was special being in my home, deepening the connection with my garden and surrounding wild parts on land journeys.

The harvest has been huge from this week.  So much to integrate.  A few of my most potent take homes are:

  • A deepening with nature connection/land journeying.
  • Meno-pause - a time to pause a deeply listen.
  • I am an ecstatic woman.  And she’s coming with me through the menopause portal.
  • Reframing of menopause and the potent initiation/portal it is.
  • Sexuality drawing from the earth rather than being hormone driven.
  • Awareness of walking through the fire of the menopausal portal - a burning off of what won’t serve the Crone years.
  • The Crone….ah the Crone…..not sure I can find the words to describe my excitement of embodiment of the ecstatic Crone - the juicy Wise Woman.  So grateful to have met a glimpse of her as I journey into the first stages of the initiation.
  • Awareness of the Crone shadow - bitterness, resentment, dissing of the maiden.
  • The Sage - my inner guy matured into the most divine sacred masculine - so excited to watch the embodiment of him emerge.
  • The earth.  Projections of the maiden (needs protecting) and mother (provider) dropping away.  To me she is now the lover.
  • So much inspiration for creative service within my community.
  • Reintegration of my erotic self - a piece I will never allow to be shamed - ever again.
  • The dark - this piece is integrating more and more into my life.  Handing life over to the mystery.  An even deeper listening to what’s wanting to reveal through me.
  • A meeting of the Vesica Picis.
  • A deeper embodied relationship with the elements.
  • A deeper embodied relationship with my inner witch and shaman.

And the list could go on.  So much to share and vibrate out into the world.

In deep gratitude and so much love.  ❤️